Bandla Ganesh 7 O’ Clock blade Suicide Trending On Social Media

Bandla Ganesh 7 O' Clock blade Suicide Trending On Social Media

It is known news that during one of the TV interviews as part of the election campaigns Bandla Ganesh threw a challenge and said that on 11th December he would commit suicide if Congress fails to come in power.  The Telangana Congress leader Bandla Ganesh went on to say that he would commit suicide slitting his throat with a 7 O’ Clock blade. Now he is being trolled on social media sites. Not only Bandla Ganesh, Lagadapati Rajagopal, who predicted that Prajakutami will emerge as the winner is also being trolled. Few comments on  Twitter are as follows:

ikkada jarigedi anthaa kapati natakam‏ @Kaushal_BB2Hero: 7 o clock blade ready gaa undi #BandlaGanesh

Prakash MB Fan @SSMBMaharshi :  We want to see PK Bhakthudu #BandlaGanesh right now in @TV9Telugu studio with blade @ganeshbandla #Pawankalyan #Janasena #TelanaganaElections2018 #TRS @trspartyonline #AssemblyElection2018 #powerstar #JanaSenaTarangam

Ganesh Malisetty‏ @GaneshMalisett1: Bandla anna reaction after Telangana election results @ganeshbandla 7 ‘o clock Blade ready ga undhi. #BandlaGanesh #TelanganaElections2018

Venugopal Alugoju@venu_alugoju :Glad that the 7 O’Clock blade that Uttam bought to shave will now not go waste.. Bandla Ganesh needs it. #Telangana

 Mahesh Fan@OkkadiFanIkada : Neku Supermax blade kavalna, Gillette blade kavalna, 7’o clock blade kavalna Leka Wilkinson blade kavalna? @ganeshbandla #TelanganaElectionResults

Durga Chitturi @DurgaChitturi : #TelanganaElectionResultsLooks like TDP alliance affected congress negatively as they may not win even as many seats as they did last time.

Need a debate with Lagadapati and Bandla Ganesh#TelanaganaElections2018 #TelanganaElectionResults

harishsayz@fbstarharish : Bandla getting ready for #Gillettesuperstainless Congress rakapotha gonti koskunta annaduu #bandlaganesh

[V] Talkies‏ @SambarIdly999 :#TelanganaElections2018 Gillette blade ready for bandla Anna #BandlaGanesh #bandlanna #mass @ganeshbandla @KTRTRS @trspartyonline

ARYAN Surya ‏ @AryanSurya6 :Waiting for #BandlaGanesh Anna mass entry after elections result #TelanganaElections2018 #TelanganaElectionResults #TelanganaWithKCR

Santosh Patchipulusu‏ @JsonSantosh : One man @ganeshbandla with his statement is now increasing the Blades sales and promotions, when no other high budget advertisements didn’t do anything. #7’oClock @PaceShave @Gillette #Topaz -> you should be thankful to him forever. #Bandlaganesh