Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Celebration time for Kaushal Army?

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Celebration time for Kaushal Army?

The grand finale of ongoing controversial reality show Bigg Boss 2 Telugu is going to be held today on 30th September. Everyone is eager to know that who will win the title of Bigg Boss 2018. The 5 contestants- Deepthi, Kaushal Manda, Tanish,  Singer Geetha Madhuri and Samrat are the finalists, one of them will get the title.  According to the latest buzz in the social media, Kaushal Manda has won the trophy of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu whereas Geetha Madhuri is the runner up of the show. Kaushal Army has already started the celebrations.

 It is known news that the actor and model Kaushal Manda enjoyed a terrific fan following outside and his fans have formed army to support him. The people love Kaushal’s honesty and genuine nature.

 Kaushal’s fans and his army have already started to sent congratulatory message and  started the celebrations. Few comments by Kaushal’s fans on social media sites are as follows

siva‏ @sivabubbly: Congrats Kaushal Anna…#KaushalArmy

R a v I▒▓‏ @Ravii9999: Get Ready for BIGGEST Celebrations… Sunday at 6pm… #KaushalBBT2Sensation #KaushalArmy #BiggBossTelugu2

Naveen‏ @naveentarak9999: It’s celebration time #KaushalBBT2Sensation #KaushalArmy #biggbosstelugu2

AravindhaSamethaOnOct11th‏ @VenkyNTR9999: #BiggBoss2Telugu Title winner @kaushalmanda #KaushalArmy

Agnisha‏ @agnisha12: Finale shooting is done !! And our @kaushalmanda is the winner Congratulations #KaushalArmy #BiggBossTelugu2 !!

premkumar‏ @premkumar44441: Just now: Kaushal lifts bb2 trophy. Congratulations @kaushalmanda. #KaushalArmy inkenti late mooginchandi band baaja. #BiggBossTelugu2

Santhosh Reddy‏ @santhosh45_m:  #BiggBossTelugu2 Yes it is official:

winner is @kaushalmanda Huge

1.Kaushal: 39.50 Cr

2.Geetha: 1.67Cr( Non Koushal Record)

3.Tanish: 1.36Cr

  1. Deepthi: 98Lks

5.Samrat: 37Lks #kaushalarmy ki Esko Ella Note: India’s Highest Ever Voting Percentage To Single person

Naveen Gupta‏ @GuptaNaveenJi:1.Kaushal Manda Winner

2.Geetha Madhuri Runner up

3.Tanish Alladi

4.Deepthi Nallamothu

 5.Samrat Reddy.

Congrats #KaushalArmy @kaushalmanda #KaushalArmy #BiggBossTelugu2 #Kaushal #biggboss2telugu #BigBoss2Telugu #KaushalManda #Geetha #Tanish #KaushalBBT2Sensation

Div‏ @divyareddy25: #Kaushal is the highest voting individual in the history of #BiggBoss Clean swipe with 78.9% (39crore 98lakhs 50k votes).Huge respect and applause to this superstar of #BiggBossTelugu2 @kaushalmanda .#KaushalArmy time to welcome the hero with great honour #KaushalBB2Winner