Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Kaushal, Nutan, Samrat, Ganesh, Amit in Danger Zone

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Kaushal, Nutan, Samrat, Ganesh, Amit in Danger Zone

Bigg boss announced that Kaushal, Nutan Naidu, SamratGanesh, and Amit have been nominated for the elimination from the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, which is being hosted by Natural Star Nani.

Everyone is aware of that Pooja Ramachandran, who made her entry in Bigg Boss 2 house as wild card, has been eliminated from the show. The actress came on the show in surprising way. Her eviction also took place in sudden manner. She was taken to spice up the reality show with her glamour. The nominations on Bigg Boss 2 Telugu were based on the votings by each contestant and they were asked to nominate 2 of their fellow housemates for the nominations.

Bigg Boss announced the nominations process to the housemates on Monday. The housemates were seen confused about Deepthi’s nominations, as she was debarred from the captaincy task once.

Nutan Naidu took Kaushal Manda, Amit Tiwari, and Samrat. He voted for Amit Tiwari and Samrat, and saved Kaushal from the nominations.

Shyamala took Tanish, Ganesh, and Nutan Naidu into the activity room. She nominated Ganesh, Nutan Naidu, and saved Tanish from the nominations for the eliminations.

Deepthi Nallamothu took Amit, Samrat and Roll Rida. She nominated Amit, Samrat and saved Roll Rida from the nominations.

Geetha Madhuri took Nutan Naidu, Amit Tiwari and Kaushal. She nominated Nutan Naidu and Kaushal, and saved Amit Tiwari.

Samrat nominated Nutan Naidu, Kaushal and  saved Shyamala from the nominations. Tanish nominated Nutan Naidu, Kaushal, and saved Roll Rida from the nominations.

Ganesh took Geeta Madhuri, Amit Tiwari and Kaushal. He nominated Amit Tiwari and Kaushal, and saved Geetha Madhuri.

Kaushal nominated Ganesh and Samrat. He saved Amit Tiwari from the nominations.

Finally Bigg Boss announced that Kaushal,  Samrat, Ganesh, Nutan Naidu, and Amit have been nominated for the elimination from Bigg Boss 2 Telugu.