Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Kaushal – Such a useless person

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: Kaushal - Such a useless person

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, which is being hosted by Natural Star Nani,  is currently inching closer to a wrap. Kaushal Manda, who has been the part of few Telugu movies and  the reality show Dance Baby Dance, is currently in Bigg Boss 2 house. He is one of the strong contestant of ongoing cotrversial reality show Bigg Boss 2 Telugu. The TV viewers who are watching Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, know that  Kaushal Manda has been facing challenges from other housemates during tasks on the show in Bigg Boss 2 house but he is getting support from his Kaushal Army.   The contestant Kaushal Manda, has been receiving immense love and support from countless fans but few are also abusing him on social media sites.

Recently Kaushal Army planned a 2k walk, which has been started from Yesterday on 9th September. Few are saying that kaushalarmy2kwalk is a big flop.

sai kumar‏ @megapowersaI : If Kaushal wins telugu biggboss 2 I will stop watching bigg boss for life time. I think he should be eliminated. Such a useless person @biggboss2telugu #BiggBossTelugu2 #eliminatekaushal @kaushalarmy_

pk‏ @justaskingonly : Not only sanchalak, worst player, worst human, worst husband, worst father, worst son also this mothetf**ker kaushal munda @Madhavkrishna23 @KaushalTrends @KaushalFan @Kaushal_bhai_ @KaushalArmy2 @Kaushalfanarmy @s1dea

Ilovebiggboss‏ @ilovebiggboss: #kaushalarmy2kwalk is a big flop…lol thank to the walk now it is confirmed that the support is all fake and paid!! Now I am more confident he is losing…thanks for organizing one and showing us all how fake the votes are #biggbosstelugu2 @StarMaa

Happy Reddy‏ @Aimistobehappy : Workless barbers #KaushalArmy2KWalk

On the otherside, Kaushal Army is also targeting host Nani because he has pointed out Kaushal Manda on several occasions.  One of Kaushal’s fan said, “If Nani is watching the video of KaushalArmy2KWalk, and if he declares Geetha Madhuri or Tanish as Bigg Boss 2 Telugu winner, Nani will be biggest looser.

Kenguva Ramunaidu‏ @KenguvaRamunai1: Today’s #KaushalArmy2KWalk almost gave clear idea on craze @kaushalmanda has, even after watching this if @NameisNani or #BiggBossTelugu2 conspire to make Geetha or Tanish winner. Biggest looser will be Nani. Bcos people may forget and see BB3 again if NTR comes back as host.