Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner: Will Kaushal win the Trophy?

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner: Will Kaushal win the Trophy?Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, is being hosted by Natural Star Nani. The controversial reality show will end in the month of September. According to TV Viweres, contestant Kaushal will be the winner of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu. Kaushal became more popular in Bigg Boss house being one of the strong contenders. He has got unexpected following outside in the name Kaushal Army. Kaushal Army’s craze for their favourite contestant has been removing all those housemates who ever are targeting Kaushal in Bigg Boss 2 House. After coming out from  Bigg Boss 2 Telugu shows, Nandini Rai said in her media interaction that she was eliminated from Bigg Boss 2 only because of Kaushal Army. Nandini also said  that whoever goes against Kaushal, will be eliminated from Bigg Boss 2 Telugu.

 Kaushal has been isolated since the beginning of the show which created sympathy on Kaushal and helped in formation of Kaushal Army. Several times, Kaushal Army also trolled host Natuarl Star Nani. According to TV Viweres, Kaushal will win the trophy of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu. But, we have to wait a month to get the answer.

Bigg Boss held nomination process for elimination from Bigg Boss 2 Telugu in another unique way on 6th August. He set up a tent in a garden area. The condition was that the contestant who reaches the tent first would be nominated. Geetha Madhuri, Ganesh, Babu Gogineni, Tanish, Shyamala, and Deepthi ended up being in the elimination list.

 Host Nani announced recently that Shyamala and Geetha Madhuri are safe from the elimination and the other four nominated contestants Ganesh, Babu Gogineni, Tanish and Deepti are in danger zone and their fate will be decided on Sunday. Nani tried his best to be positive towards Kaushal. He also appreciated Kaushal for taking a stand in the captaincy task but also warned him not to lose respect on the housemates.