Sunday, September 26, 2021
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#BoycottKareenaKhan is trending

#BoycottKareenaKhan is trending
#BoycottKareenaKhan is trending

Netizens on Twitter are demanding the boycott of Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and trending #BoycottKareenaKhan after reports said she has demanded a professional fee of Rs 12 crore for playing the role of Goddess Sita in an upcoming mythological period saga ‘Ramayana’. The netizens are trending #BoycottKareenaKhan on Twitter. They are alleging that Kareena Kapoor Khan is hurting the religious sentiments.  Few are also saying that the demand of Rs 12 Cr for a role is too much and is against the humanity. Few comments by the people on Twitter are as follows:

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Shipra Dutt: Mother of “Taimur” will not be my Sita Maa.. #BoycottKareenaKhan

Anti Libral guy: Dawood’wood Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan earns crores playing Hindu Godess Maa Sita’s Role and the Same Kareena Kapoor KHAN never fails to mock and demean Hindu Rel!gion…. And we are the FOOLS who still pay to watch these H!nduphob!c actor’s movies #BoycottKareenaKhan

Harshvardhan Sharma: Bollywood me kya actress khatam ho gye he Ohh sorry bollywood he khatam ho gaya. She will be perfect for surphanka’s role #BoycottKareenaKhan

The netizens are also dragging  in Kareena Kapoor Khan’ actor-husband Saif Ali Khan and alleged that while earlier Saif Ali Khan hurt Hindu sentiments with Tandav, now Kareena  Kapoor is going to repeat the same.



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