Censor shock to Amala Paul n*de scenes

amala paul
amala paul

Amala Paul starrer Tamil thriller ‘Aadai’ is set to be released in Telugu as well. Titled ‘Aame’, the teaser is unveiled by Ram Gopal Varma recently. The teaser shocks everyone. Amala Paul’ n*de scene in recently released teaser of Aame went viral and number of celebrities showered praises for the courageous act of the actress. According to the latest update, censor board’s officials suggested the makers of Aame either to remove the scene completely or to blur it. But as the scene is one of the major highlight of the movie.

The makers are not ready to remove or blur it. If at all the scene is blurred or removed, the soul of Aame will be missing. So the producers are trying to convince the official of censor board to get the film reviewed again.

The teaser of Aame ends with Amala Paul waking up n*de in an isolated multi-storey building. She bared all for this movie. This is really a daring act.

Ram Gopal Varma who is very excited after watching the teaser, took to his Twitter and wrote. “Check out this amazing trailer of Aame. The naked honesty of Amala is heart touching and the integrity of director is explosive.” Aame is directed by Tamil maker Rathna Kumar. Tammareddy Bharadwaj is presenting the movie Aame in Telugu.