Character Artist Sunitha says, Kathi Mahesh forced himself on me

Character Artist Sunitha says, Kathi Mahesh forced himself on meCharacter Artist Sunitha made sensational allegations against Telugu film critic Mahesh Kath while taking part in a news channel debate on Tollywood Casting Couch.

Sunitha said,  I came to know about  Mahesh Kathi a year ago through social media site- Facebook. We were just Facebook friends. I was shocked   to see him in controversial reality show Bigg Boss.  After his elimination, I called Mahesh Kathi to say that his Bigg Boss show was nice. In ‘Bigg Boss’ show phone call, Kathi said to his  wife that he would go to  Lucknow after the show but  instead of going to Lucknow, he came to Hyderabad. He also invited me to his house. When  I went to his house,  Kathi asked me whether I would offer commitment. When I said no,  then he locked the room, beaten me and resorted to sexual assault. He also  offered me Rs 500. I have all evidence to prove my allegations against Kathi Mahesh. “

However, Kathi Mahesh has denied her accusations.  He said, She is accusing me of attempting to rape her. I would say file a case against me and prove it. He also wrote on the wall of Twitter, “I will be filing a defamation case against Sunitha for falsely accusing me of sexual harassment and Konidela Productions for instigating her.”