Child actress opens up about S*xual harassment


Television actress Richa Bhadra, who is  better known as Chakki of Khichdi fame, has revealed the secret of dark side of entertainment industry (s*xual harassment).  Recently during the media interaction, Richa Bhadra revealed that she was asked to compromise while appearing for auditions post marriage.

Richa Bhadra is popular for playing the role of Chakki, part of the the hilariour Parekh family in which  Supriya Pathak essayed the role of  as Hansa, Rajeev Mehta as Praful and Anang Desai as Babuji. She is also popular for  TV serials such as Baa Bahu aur Baby and Mrs. Tendulkar.

 During an interaction, Richa Bhadra, who had been a child artiste in TV shows, said that she was also asked for ‘compromise’. She said, “A casting director said to me, “Keep me happy and I will give you work.” She added that the director wanted to meet her at a hotel but as she didn’t want to ruin the image which  she had built as a child actor. She said no to him and decided to leave her profession because of the casting couch.

Richa Bhadra, was born in a guarded Gujarati family, quit the acting because of casting couch.  she revealed that post her marriage, she did audition for some  Television shows but few people  asked her to compromise. According to her, her family  didn’t wish to see her romance  or expose on the screen. So, she decided to not take up any new projects.

Richa Bhadra tied the knot with businessman Vivek Gupta in the year 2017.