Child Sexual abuse in a Movie theater – Victim Mother arrested: Kerala molestation case

Child Sexual abuse in a Movie theater - Victim Mother arrested: Kerala molestation case

Chilld sexual abuse (10-year-old girl) from Kerala at a cinema theatre in Malappuram was reported, the girl’s mother was arrested on Sunday.

The mother of the 10-year-old girl who was allegedly molested by a 60-year-old businessman Moideen Kutty in a movie theater in Malappuram last month,  was arrested on Sunday after detailed questioning. Police said the mother was aware that her child was being molested by the businessman.

A case under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act was registered against the woman.

The incident took place on 18th April and CCTV footage showed that businessman molested the girl throughout the show whereas the girl’s mother sat next to him with alleged full knowledge of the heinous crime being committed.

This shameful act  happened in Screen number 2, during the screening of  movie Mohanlal. This was a 7pm show.

Office Staff Sanup said, “It’s a three-hour video. We had checked the entire footage. He was abusing the mother and child at the same time, that too continuously from the beginning to the end. During the movie interval, he stops, he goes out and then comes back and resumes the sexual assault.”

Sanup reported the incident to the theatre manager, who in turn informed the theater owner Satish. After getting the instruction from the owner, Sanup quickly stepped out, and spotted Moideen Kutty getting into his Benz car.  He noted down the car’s number.  He tracked Moideen Kutty on Facebook. Sanup said “When I saw Moideen Kutty’s photo on Facebook, I was sure it was him. We then handed over everything to the ChildLine,.”

 However, the police did not act on the information given by the Childline, until Mathrubhumi News, reported on the visuals on Saturday. According to the employees of  cinema hall, the police did not contact them until the TV channel ran the story.

The police said,  they arrested Moideen Kutty on Saturday night, after a Malayalam television channel aired CCTV visuals of the accused sexually abusing the child inside the theatre at nearby Edapal on 18th April.

Police further said, the man and the woman were in a relationship. She had taken the child to the theatre and let him sit in the middle.

The businessman Moideen Kutty was booked under Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code and the POCSO Act. The  child has been shifted to a Nirbhaya Kendra, a children’s home.