If Chota K Naidu, Why not Balakrishna?

If Chota K Naidu, Why not Balakrishna?

Chota K Naidu’s naughty act on Kajal Aggarwal during the teaser launch event of Kavacham, has become the talk of town.  We have already reported that Chota K Naidu kissed on Kajal Aggarwal’s cheek recently on the stage in front of media and people.  Now Kajal Aggarwal’s Fans are protesting against Chota K Naidu. Everybody knows that Nandamuri Balakrishna has made humiliating comments on several actresses. And when Balakrishna kissed Trisha Krishnan in front of public during the audio launch event of Nayaki, then nobody came forward to protest against Balakrishna but when Chota K Naidu kissed Kajal Aggarwal, everyone criticized the cinematographer.  Few people are demanding that Chota K Naidu should be expelled from the film industry immediately and they are sharing the past videos of  the cinematographer on social media sites. If they are ready to expel Chota K Naidu then why not Balakrishna?

Regarding his co-stars, earlier Balakrishna has said, ‘I too act naughty with the actresses, I pinch them sometimes.’

Earlier Balakrishna’s comments “Must kiss or get them pregnant” has also created lot of buzz in film industry.

Few days back, stylish star Allu Arjun said that Tollywood gave its actresses utmost respect. And now this incident involving Kajal Agarwal and Chota K  Naidu, where the latter suddenly kissed her on stage in front of public, has got everyone talking.

Few days ago, Kajal Aggawal also came in support of #Metoo and on 10th October, she wrote on her Twitter, “It takes tremendous courage to face your demons and speak up. I support all the women who’re standing up for themselves & for their integrity. Cannot fathom the horror ANY sort of unwanted advances must’ve left on the minds&souls of all these brave women who’ve spoken up. #MeToo.”

On the otherside, Chota K Naidu clarified, saying, “It’s always been my pleasure to work with Kajal Aggarwal. She has been one of my favorite actresses after the late Soundarya. I have worked in number of movies with Kajal Aggarwal and we know each other for several years.”