Clever Suresh Babu takes U Turn: Sold Venky Mama to Amazon Prime

Clever Suresh Babu takes U Turn Sold Venky Mama to Amazon Prime
Clever Suresh Babu takes U Turn Sold Venky Mama to Amazon Prime

Before the release of Venky Mama, Suresh Babu was in the news headlines because of his sensational comments on  OTT platforms.  During the media interaction, Suresh Babu said that OTT platforms are killing the theatrical business. Many theatres are not able to run shows in a full-fledged way.  A sizeable chunk of audience don’t want to go to theatres.  Cinema has become a weekend business or a holiday business. So everyone expected that Suresh Babu might not sell Venky Mama to Amazon Prime Video. But everyone was shocked when Amazon Prime Video’as the Streaming Partner at the beginning title cards of Venky Mama appeared on the screen. Everyone is shocked how Suresh Babu sold his movie to Amazon Prime video.

Suresh Babu has also said, “OTT platforms took a toll and a percentage of people stopped rushing to theatres. The economy is also quite poor. The audience have stopped watching films in theatres already due to the OTT platforms like Amazon and Netflix.  We have come down to 1750 theatres from 3000 screens in the early 2000s in the united Andhra Pradesh.  In every small town, about 50% of theatres have been shut down. The youth are now looking for movies and content on OTT platforms.”

Everyone is surprised after knowing that Suresh Babu has sold the digital rights of Venky Mama to Amazon prime for a good price. Venky Mama starring Venkatesh Daggubati, Naga Chaitanya, Raashi Khanna and Payal Rajput starrer will be available in prime in less than two months of its theatrical release.

If Suresh Babu was  so concerned over the effect of digital streaming he should stop selling the digital rights of Venky Mama. Many industry people are surprised over producer Suresh Babu’ double tongue over this  issue, who sold Venky Mama to Amazon Prime to recover it’s budget.

 Venky Mama has hit the theater today and is receiving mixed response by the movie lovers.