College girl forced to remove her clothes at beach

College girl forced to remove her clothes at beachCollege girl forced to remove her clothes: In a shameful incident, a College girl and her boyfriend were forced to take off their clothes, according to  the police report. The incident took place  near Pentha Sea Beach in Rajnagar area of Kendrapara district. This matter came in limelight when the girl’s father filed police complaint against few unknown persons at Rajnagar police Friday night.

According to the latest update, a college girl was sexually assaulted by unidentified miscreants near Pentha Sea Beach, Kendrapara district.  The complaint stated, she visited to  the  Pentha Sea beach along with her boyfriend where both were stopped by eight Young men- some of them just teenagers.   Later the youth tried to rape her. They removed her clothes and also beat her boy friend. One person from the gang was recording the entire act in mobile phone.   Later they sat on their motor cycle and went away from there.

 Sukant Patra, Rajnagar IIC said, the father of the girl also claimed that recently one of the accused has called her daughter and threaten her to not inform about this act to anyone. But both girl and her father showed courage and told the sexual harassment by the unknown people to the police at around 10 pm on 15th June night. The girl’s father said that the miscreants forced her daughter and her boyfriend to take off their clothes. Entire act was filmed being sexually assaulted in a daylight attack.  They also clicked their photographs and uploaded it on social media. Now the n*de pic of her  daughter in going viral on social media.

Sukant Patra further said, “Most of the attackers are teenagers. The case has been registered against the youths and the investigations have been started.  Very soon they will identify the youths who are involved in this incident.”

More detail about this case will be out very soon.