Contestant forced  to watch her own Rape Video

Contestant forced  to watch her own Rape Video
Contestant forced  to watch her own Rape Video

Spanish Big Brother is in a storm after a contestant Carlota Prado Alonso was forced to watch footage of her own alleged s*xual assault, after she was allegedly raped by her boyfriend and fellow contestant. According to Carlota Prado, she was forced to watch  her one rape video in the diary room.

Carlota Prado, from Estepona, was allegedly s*xually assaulted by her contestant and boyfriend Jose Maria Lopez Perez. This incident took place during the 2017 edition of the reality Television show, known in Spain as Gran Hermano Revolution.

Carlota Prado was shown a video by producers in which she was allegedly penetrated for 5 minutes after she had passed out a boozy party.

Carlota Prado was a star in the 2017 season of the reality Television  show, locally known as Gran Hermano Revolution, and has since become embroiled in a controversy after it emerged show producers showed her footage of herself being allegedly assaulted by Josa María Lopez while passed out following an alcohol-fuelled party in the house.

Carlota Prado had passed out after drinking and was completely unaware of what had happened until she was sent to the diary room to watch video footage of her rape several hours later.

A tearful Carlota Prado was seen clasping her hands to her mouth and slowly shaking her head as she asks for the video to be stopped in another recording, which has never been aired but was leaked to Spanish press this week.

On 4th November 2017, Ms Carlota Prado was helped to bed by Jose Maria Lopez, another contestant with whom she had begun a relationship, after a party at the Big Brother house involving alcohol.

On the otherside, Lopez has denied assaulting Carlota Prado, which is said to have taken place underneath a bedsheet and in Spanish law, s*xual abuse cannot be considered rape unless perceived violence or intimidation occurred.