Young actor molests a 9-year-old girl

Young actor molests a 9-year-old girl

Corey Sligh, a model and actor, who appeared on American television show ‘The Young and the Restless’ and ‘All About Lizzie’, has been convicted by a Georgia jury of molesting a 9 years old girl. He has been found guilty of molesting a minor girl and can face up to 20 years jail term.

A Cherokee County jury convicted Corey Sligh, last month of one count of child molestation, according to court records. He was cleared of another count of molestation.

The 30-year-old Corey Sligh was convicted of one of two counts of child molestation in Georgia and is facing prosecution in a second incident in Florida. He was found guilty on one count of molesting a child younger than 10 years old in Cherokee County, Georgia on 28th June 2018. Both the Georgia and Florida charges involve the same minor. The first of the two incidents occurred in March 2016. The child’s parents reported it to Cherokee Sheriff’s Office detectives in September 2016. Corey Sligh was arrested in October 2016, after the parents of  girl under the age of 10 reported that he molested her but  the actor was released on $22,000 bond the same day he was taken into custody.

Corey Sligh was arrested a second time in the month of November by officials in Walton County, Florida. He was accused of forcing a young girl to touch him inappropriately. She said, Corey Sligh grabbed her hand and forced her to touch him in inappropriately.

However, Corey Sligh is also known for an unusual, violent incident that made him victim back in November 2014.