CWC 2019: India returns home, after extreme efforts

jadeja dhoni
jadeja and dhoni

The semi-final match of India vs NewZealand was filled with intense emotions and nail-biting tension at every second. First of all, India has done a very good job with its every attempt of making the score.

Though it was an 18 run defeat, India has left no chance to prove its capability in winning the match. Where India did a good job in restricting the opponent to the score of 239/8 post-rain forced the match to reserve day.

At the inception, even though there were a series of wicket loss, the match was gone steady with the teaming up of Jadeja and Dhoni. They both give a good score of 116. Hopes of India went high with this team and eventually they even went to the check line to defeat the opponent team but unfortunately, Dhoni’s run-out at the cross line was a aggravate injury to India and on the other hand, Jadeja has lost to the Trent Boult.

On to this match, Rahul Gandhi expressed his views on Twitter handle as,

“Though they’re a billion broken hearts tonight, Team India, you put up a great fight and are deserving of our love & respect.

Congratulations to New Zealand on their well-earned win, that gives them a place in the World Cup final.”

We extend a big Salute to Indian Team for its hard work in CWC 2019.