“Do or Die” situation for Sharwanand

"Do or Die" situation for Sharwanand
“Do or Die” situation for Sharwanand

For an actor, maintaining the same level of stardom is only possible when its films are running at a high success rate. A sequel flops will not only turn down the actor following but also breaks the chances of film offers too.

Now, a Telugu hero is in the same position and he is none other than the talented actor Sharwanand. Yes, Sharwanand who was on cloud nine is now having the rough phase of his life, post the serious failures of Ranarangam and Padi Padi Leche Manasu at the box office.

With these back to back flops, his market and popularity both were descended. Now, to mark his presence, Sharwanand is making his comeback with the remake film 96. However, this would be a bit tough task for this actor. Wondering why? Because the Tamil film 96 which was starred by the Vijay Sethupathi has received a huge positive response like a classic film.

So, in order to make his strong comeback, Sharwanand has to mock Vijay Sethupathi even at the face comparison too or else, he would be prone to get trolled in comparison with the original film. So ultimately, Sharwanand’s comeback would be a do or die situation for the actor, says few industry critics.