He is labelled an Idiot on Google

Donald Trump is Idiot on Google search Donald Trump, the US President, an idiot? He is topping Google Images but not in a good way. Well, The giant search engine Google Images sure thinks so. When users type the word ‘idiot’ in their search term on the engine. According to the latest report, the trend began with Reddit users upvoting a post containing a photo of Donald Trump and the word ‘Idiot’.

 Once again, the Google algorithms are hogging the limelight. And this time for showing images of US President Donald Trump for the search of the word ‘idiot’.

On Wednesday night, 9 of the first 10 results on Google Images searches for ‘idiot’ were of or related to Donald Trump but by Thursday afternoon, that number was down to 6 out of 10.

This is not the first time that Google algorithms have been manipulated. Earlier  in the month of May, the Google search for the name ‘Pappu’ led to results related to Congress President Rahul Gandhi. In the same way, the Google search for the name ‘Feku’ leds to the result, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In April month, Google showed pictures of Narendra Modi if one searched for “India’s first Prime Minister” until the glitch was corrected by the global search engine.