Dr. Rajasekhar: The Lion is Back

The senior actor who made 2017 a turning point in his career is Dr.Rajasekhar. He  is considered a versatile actor.  He has done movies related to all genres.  The actor made his strong comeback  as NIA (National Investigation Agency) officer in the critically acclaimed slick thriller PSV Garuda Vega 126.18M, directed by Praveen Sattaru, in November 2017. The movie received applause from audience & critics alike and turned out super hit at the box office.  The box office figures clearly show that  the actor  hasn’t lost his mojo despite missing from the big screen. Interestingly,  Rajasekhar chose his comeback with a spy thriller drama. The success of  PSV Garuda Vega has shown that  Rajasekhar  enjoys immense popularity still.


Today, there are  number of young  heroes in Telugu cinema, who are dominating the film industry. But the large crowds in theatres, posts on social media and innumerable stories in the media show that   Dr. Rajasekhar continues to be a big attraction even today. His popularity as an actor hasn’t waned and people – young and old – want to see him on screen.