Enter The Girl Dragon Teaser Review

 Enter The Girl Dragon Teaser Review
Enter The Girl Dragon Teaser Review

Finally the wait is over. As promised, Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV released the teaser of Indo-Chinese-collaboration project Enter The Girl Dragon. RGV took to his twitter to share the YouTube link of Enter The Girl Dragon teaser. According to RGV Enter The Girl Dragon, is Indian’ first Martial Art film. Pooja Bhalekar is playing the lead role in Enter The Girl Dragon. In the teaser, Pooja Bhalekar is seen kicking and punching hard as she flexes her muscles and stretches herself to impress the audiences. The teaser looks impressive as far as Martial Arts is concerned but why is the fighter Pooja Bhalekar is shown in sports bra and hot pants almost everywhere?

The movie Enter The Girl Dragon is directed by RGV, and is jointly bankrolled by Jing Liu ,Naresh T, Sridhar T whereas it has the music by Ravi Shankar.

After watching the Enter The Girl Dragon teaser, RGV fans are showering praises. Few comments are as follows:

Mr Kamal: She is looking so fierce as well as beautiful,hot and killer.

Chinu: Excellent teaser. After watching this film, every girl will be influenced by Bruce Lee. What a punch

Rahul Ganesh: Sir RGV, this is going to be the best film in your career.

RGV wrote on Facebook, “Bruce Lee was a dream-like man who I and many millions of others wanted to be and what we believed we could become and the very existence of Bruce Lee was proof that our dream, if we work hard enough, definitely could become a reality.”

RGV added that he was heavily influenced by Bruce Lee’s wisdom and philosophy, which he says helped him become the director that he is today. RGV added, “I was glad that Bruce Lee died young at the age of 32. I would have ever wanted to see a 79-year-old Bruce Lee which would be his age now if he was alive.”