Finally Sri Reddy marries Pawan Kalyan

Finally Sri Reddy marries Pawan Kalyan
Finally Sri Reddy marries Pawan Kalyan

Sri Reddy, the drama queen shared  a morphed pic of her with  Power Star Pawan Kalyan where both are seen as bride and groom. The controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV is also in this pic of Sri Reddy and Pawan Kalyan. Sri Reddy’ fans are sending congratulatory messages to their favorite actress for her wedding with Pawan Kalyan. Few comments by the netizens are as follows:

Pavan Raj: Made for each other

Alwala Ramesh:  Happy marriage life

Vamshi Rathnavath:  nice couples

Veeranna Banoth:  Made for each other and Congratulations madam

 It is known news that on several occasions, the Controversial actress Sri Reddy has slammed Pawan Kalyan by saying that  he disrespected Hindu culture by marrying multiple times. She has alleged that like her Pawan Kalyan had s** with many people outside marriage and there is difference between him and her. But the mindset of society makes her low.

 Sri Reddy has said that being unmarried, she has slept with many, whereas married Pawan Kalyan has done the same. There is no difference between him and her, but the society view both of them differently. This mindset is a dangerous and a serious threat for the society. Sri Reddy has also said, “There is none in Jana Sena, who knows how to respect women. Mainly, Pawan Kalyan, the founder of the Jana Sena party, himself does not have respect for ladies. Pawan Kalyan says he legally divorced two and married three girls. But why is Pawan Kalyan doing this drama?”

In the past, Sri Reddy had abused Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan when the latter asked her to go to the police station and court for justice when the actress alleged s*xual harassment at the hands of the who’s who of the Telugu film industry. Later, director Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV said that it was he who instigated the young actress Sri Reddy to go after Pawan Kalyan.