Finally Vishal stopped Sri Reddy!

Finally Vishal stopped Sri Reddy

Sri Reddy has now shifted her focus to Kollywood! She has already leaked the names of director AR Murugadoss, actor Srikanth and Raghava Lawrence, who asked her for sexual flavours. After revealing the names of top celebraties, now Sri Reddy is saying the she is facing threat from Tamil actor Vishal Reddy but she wants to reveal the dark side of Kollywood.  It means, Vishal is trying to stop Sri Reddy!

Yesterday Sri Reddy wrote on her facebook, “I am facing threat from tamil actor vishal reddy..but I wanted to reveal secrets of darkside kollywood ..”

Today morning Sri Reddy gave shock to everyone  as she said that “I hope I wl get justice in kollywood.” She  wrote on her Facebook, “Tollywood failed to solve this casting couch problems, they all r spoons of bigwigs they work fr big wigs only,girls are only sex workers fr them ,they wl not care about women problems..nd they didn’t keep cash committee still..they declined to give the maa card fr the stupid reason,then maa assosiation has to tell me ,maa has 900 members na..u declined my maa card fr i hv a case on me..900 people in maa don’t they hv cases on them ..drugs,cards,attempt murder,cheque bounces,cheating ,financial lot many..why still they have card??still tollywood bigwigs threatening me..this shouldnt happen wt kollywood..I hope I wl get justice in kollywood..”

It is knows news that controversial Telugu actress Sri Reddy made sensational comments on Natural Star Nani recently and said that he had s*x with her. Nani also sent her a legal notice for defamation. Later Kollywood star Vishal came forward in the support of Nani and said, “I know him well. He is a my good friend. But I am not defending him for personal reasons. Anybody who knows Natural Star Nani knows how particular he is in his behaviour towards men and women.”  Vishal also said, “For all we know, I might be the next one to be named by her.”