First Rank Raju Review

First Rank Raju Review
First Rank Raju Review

First Rank Raju Review:

Director: Naresh Kumar
Producer: Manjunath V Kandkur
Music Director: Kiran Ravindranath
Editor: Giri Mahesh
Starring: Chetan Maddineni, Kashish Vohra, Prakash Raj
Release Date: 21st June 2019
Rating: 3/5

Chetan Maddineni, Kashish Vohra, Prakash Raj starrer First Rank Raju, directed by Naresh Kumar, has hit the theaters today on 21st June 2019. Lets’s see the story of First Rank Raju.

Story: Raju (Chethan Maddineni) always used to listen to his parents (Naresh and Rajashree Nair) since childhood. Living up to his parents’ aspirations, Raju tops all the classes and attains the title ‘First Rank’ in the process. But he fails to secure a job at a top MNC despite being a brilliant student. Then his father decides to teach his son how to face the real world and challenges the managers in the company. Will he be able to do so or all his efforts would go in vain? Form rest of the story.

Plus Points:
· Story
· Cinematography
· Focus on education system

Minus points:
· Dialogues

Performance: Chethan Maddineni as Raju excels throughout the script in his role. His acting is terrific, and the expressions are given by him, of a geeky looking child, is perfect Naresh and Rajashree Nair, the supporting actors are totally fit to their characters. It could have been nothing better than this for them. Rest of the caste including Kashish Vohra, Prakash Raj, Priyadarshi, Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore performed accordingly.

Technical: The director tries to focus of the education system. In this film First Rank Raju, Raju is shown as a good student, but a terrible friend, lousy lover, inefficient employee and definitely a bad citizen of the country, who soon realizes that the good marks aren’t, and shouldn’t, be the ultimate goal. The music composed by Judah Sandhy is superb. All the songs are choreographed well. The cinematography is fantastic. The beautiful visuals captured by the camera, are mind-blowing and the major asset of the movie. The nature locations are highlighted that show the creative value of the movie. Editing is good. Art director did good job. The production value of the movie is very good and they did not compromise with the quality of the movie.

Analysis: First Rank Raju is a satire on today’s education system. It is all about the story of a person, who’s a math and science whiz, he is full of bookish knowledge but has zero common sense.