Frustrated Kaushal Manda takes shocking decision!

Frustrated Kaushal Manda takes shocking decision!

The Controversial reality show- Bigg Boss 2 Telugu winner Kaushal and the Kaushal army are back in the news. Few days ago, few members from Kaushal Army made sensational comments on model turned actor Kaushal Manda and alleged that he was responsible for fraudulent actions in the name of ‘Kaushal Army foundation’. On the otherside, he  has denied all accusations of misconduct and has termed them as baseless. Finally Frustrated Kaushal Manda has taken a shocking decision and decided to call off Kaushal Army Foundation committee.

 Recently  Kaushal Manda also attended press meet and talked about this issue. Finally he has decided to call off Kaushal Army Foundation committee. He has confirmed this news himself by sharing a post on his Instagram.

Kaushal Manda wrote on the wall of his Instagram, “As of now, Kaushal Army heads and Kaushal Army Foundation Committee is being called off. All the state and national committees are being closed. We would assign new members after proper evaluation. After verifying each member personally, new members and committee would be assigned. Until then, KAF committee is closed. However, anyone who encouraged and supported would always remain part of the Army. Thank you!”

It is known news that when Kaushal Manda was inside Bigg Boss house, his relation with other contestants like Babu Gogineni, Tejaswai Madiwada,  and Geetha Madhuri were not good. So no one is coming to support him.

Recently Imam accused Kaushal Manda of insulting him. He also alleged that Kaushal Manda threatened to kill him because he staged a protest recently in Kurnool. Vikram, one of members of Kaushal Army and founder of Kaushal Warriors complained that Kaushal has terminated him from the group for questioning his activities. In a TV debate show recently, they alleged Kaushal for breach of trust and misuse of funds in the name of ‘Kaushal Army’ and ‘Kaushal Army foundation’. Anusha, another member of  Kaushal Army, accused Kaushal Manda of misutilizing Kaushal Army Foundation.