Gaddalakonda Ganesh/Valmiki movie Live updates by audience

Gaddalakonda Ganesh/Valmiki movie Live updates by audience
Gaddalakonda Ganesh/Valmiki movie Live updates by audience

Gaddalakonda Ganesh, previously known as Valmiki, is hitting the theaters  today on 20th September 2019. The action thriller gangster drama is  remake of the critically acclaimed Jigarthanda. The film directed by Harish Shankar, also has Pooja Hegde and Atharvaa in the lead roles.

 Gaddalakonda Ganesh/ Valmiki movie Twitter review, live updates: We bring you some viewers’ verdict on the movie shared on Twitter.

KARTHIK @HeIsKARTHIK: #Valmiki – (2.5/5) Strictly Average! Though the 1st half has Comedy that definitely worked, it’s the 2nd half which falls flat especially, the last 25 mins. that dragged. All in all, the movie is a typical Mass Entertainer that just Worked it bits here and there.

venkyreviews@venkyreviews:  #Valmiki promising 1st half, @IAmVarunTej looks menacing, apart from few un-necessary sequences it is mostly tight, @MickeyJMeyer BGM is extraordinary, pre-interval & interval came out really well So far it’s good #GaddhalakondaGanesh #Valmiki 2nd half starts off really well , the flashback episode is well designed , @hegdepooja is gorgeous and acted well too , but in the later portions the graph goes down but the pre-climax and climax portions are good so they make up for it.

Vikranth Reddy @Vikranthreddy53 Blockbuster movie #GaddalakondaGanesh 1st half good2nd half Oora mass Interval episode superb Super hittu song superb Its a sure shot hittu bomma #Valmiki @harish2you given one more GABBERSINGH to varun tej. #Valmiki my rating 3.5/5.

@TheDopelicate: adento… mass movie cheste automatic ga hero evaranedi kuda chudakunda edupu start chestaru mahesh fans.. just because your hero can’t do those rugged roles? #GaddalakondaGanesh #Valmiki

parota: #GaddalakondaGanesh : @IAmVarunTej as Ganesh is just outstanding. His makeover for this character is topnotch. @harish2you comes out of his commercial comfort zone and directs this story really well. Engaging first half and Decent second half. Rating : 3.25/5

Raviteja Meruva@ravitejamrv: #GaddalakondaGanesh Ghattharaleppav.. Chimpeshinav po

@IAmVarunTej Whatta makeover man.. ah dedication ki..Good attempt and extra ordinary taking

@harish2you bgm next level anthe..