Gadkari responds: Unable to Understand Opposition to New Motor Vehicle Act

Gadkari responds
Gadkari responds

As the penalties of no license, jumping at the signal and no helmets are touching skies, a strike was commenced by road commuters, taxis and auto-rickshaws in the national capital on Thursday against the new motor amendment law that provides for hefty penalties for traffic rule violations.

On responding to the strike, Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari has expressed his views on the new whopping penalties that are tearing up the public. Union Transport minister Gadkari shared his feelings by saying, he is unable to understand why the public is turning angry towards the new law. He further aired his mind as, if the traffic rules were followed correctly, then there is no need to fear any penalties and on top of it, the law was made in such a stringent way to protect the lives of road commuters.

On speaking at an event, Gadkari said, human lives are precious but there are about 1.5 lakh deaths are happening out of the 5 lakh accidents and imposing such a strict law, would not only turn public to follow traffic rules but it also saves lives. Minister says that There is no fear or respect towards the law. In retros, the traffic violations posed Rs 100 those days but it is equal to its current price for which public are considering it as a whopping.

He further supported the new traffic law by comparing with the death penalty for raping a minor girl for which people still argue as why government has imposed such a strict rule. He further added, law is to prevent such heinous crime. “Ask the plight of any family which has lost a young person in an accident … ask how they feel. Ask any family whose young member has become crippled as 3 lakh people become handicapped every year due to accidents,” the minister further added.