Ganesh reveals Inside Secrets of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu contestants and Kaushal Army

Ganesh reveals Inside Secrets of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu contestants and Kaushal ArmyBigg Boss 2 Telugu contestant Genesh opened up about the environment inside the ongoing controversial reality show Bigg Boss 2 Telugu and he also talked about the behaviours of each contestant and Kaushal Army. Recently during the media interaction, Ganesh said, “When I entered Bigg Boss 2 house, I was in awe of everyone. In Bigg Boss 2 house, Common man entrants as well as celebrity contestants are treated the same way. I entered in the house as a common man but now I feel like a celebrity.” After spending nearly 3 months with other celebrities in Bigg Boss 2 house, Ganesh says that he has made good friendship with the other participants on the reality show. They have become like a family to him. Now as he is out of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house, he is missing them.

 It is known news that Ganesh also faced the ire of Kaushal Army. He is still being trolled by Kaushal Army on social media sites.  Ganesh also opened about Kaushal Army and said, “ I was aware that I was being trolled on social media by Kaushal Army.  After coming out of Bigg Boss 2 house, I came to know the reality of Kaushal Army. According to me, there is nothing special about Kaushal Army. Everyone has their own loved ones and followers.

Ganesh also spoke about Shyamala, Nutan Naidu, Kaushal and Samrat. He said that Samrat was very kind hearted.  He added that actually whatever is shown on Television is much less than what happens in the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu House all day through.

Bigg Boss 2  Telugu is one of the most popular reality shows on Telugu TV right now, which is being hosted by Natural Star  Nani. Kaushal army is group of people who is formed to support Kaushal and the Kaushal Army trying their best to make him the winner of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu and is playing very important role in the voting of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu.