Girl gang raped in broad daylight! Mother fires on Modi

Girl gang raped in broad daylight! Mother fires on ModiHaryana: Rewari girl gang raped – A 19-year-old college student was abducted, drugged and gang-raped by a group of men at Kanina in Haryana’s Mahendergarh district. The girl was gang-raped till she fell unconscious. She was later dumped at near a bus stop in Kanina.  According to the police report, Haryana girl was gang raped in broad daylight by a dozen men. The girl’s mother fired on PM Narendra Modi and said, “Modiji says ‘Beti Padho, Beti Bacho’, but how? We want justice! The Police have taken no action yet.”

This shameful and shocking incident took place on Thursday when  the girl was on her way to attend coaching class. She hails from Kosli in Rewari. She abducted from Kanina in Mahendragarh by a group of men on a car, who offered her a lift. According to the police, the girl was given a sedative laced drink and driven around to fields near Jhajjar border where she was repeatedly raped by the men. According to the victim, she was raped by around a dozen men in a place which had a well and later the rapists dumped her at the same bus stand in Kanina from where she was abducted. Police said, “ The suspects also reached the victim’s parent’s to let them know that their daughter was lying in unconscious at a bus stop.”

Her family then took her to a nearby hospital where the doctors confirmed rape. What is even more shocking in that rape case is that after a zero FIR was registered at Women police station in Rewari which was then sent to Kanina police station the latter returned it  stating that the incident did not transpire in their jurisdiction. No arrests have been made.

The girl is said to be brilliant in academics and was also felicitated by the government after she topped the CBSE board examination. The girl’s mother said, “The police has failed to take any action. The FIR was registered at 1 am as police kept citing jurisdiction issues making us shuttle between Rewari and Kanina. We want justice.”