Here is how Modi responded to Imran Khan’s shrill attacks!

Narendra Modi and Imran Khan
Narendra Modi and Imran Khan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi holds a kind of mindset which he responds to his counterpart at the right time and in the right way. Where the Modi’s counterpart Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has sent shrill attacking signals against India.

On speaking to the special session of POK’s legislative assembly, Pak PM said, “I want to give a message to [Indian PM] Narendra Modi, you take action and we will give a strong response…The Pakistan Army is ready…and the whole country is ready”.

Khan further predicted that India would move to the extent of taking an action in Pak occupied Kashmir than the one launched in Balkot after the Pulwama terror attack. He added India claimed that car bombing in Pulwama which killed 40 of Indian soldiers was by the Pak-based terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Modi has responded to the Imran’s shrill attacks in a sharp manner without even naming or reciting the name of Pakistan at least once in his 92 min speech. PM Modi said that India’s neighborhood has been affected by the groups that export terror.

Modi has given a quick warning to those groups and the one who gives protection to them stating they will be destroyed and must be completely exposed.