History Made: Three Tollywood Hits in One Day

History Made: Three Tollywood Hits in One DayThree Telugu movies- Brand Babu, Goodachari and Chi La Sow, released today i.e 3rd August 2018. All the three movies, which belong to different genre, arrived at the theaters in one day and won the hearts of viewers.  The audiences have already declared all the movies hit.  Brand Babu, Goodachari and Chi La Sow, have taken a flying start this morning. The word of mouth among movie lovers has been very good for all the three movies and even the reviews have been positive. This Friday was very crucial for them. Sushanth was waiting to score a good hit, actor Rahul Ravindran turned director with Chi La Sow and Sumanth Sailendrea made his debut in Tollywood with Brand Babu.  Needless to say, the opening collections will be quite decent for Chi La Sow, Goodachari and Brand Babu.

 Adivi Sesh and Sobhitha Dulilpala starrer spy thriller drama  Goodhachari caught eyeball of every movie buff with its Hollywood range action sequences. Sashi Kiran Tikka helmed the movie and it is produced by Abhishek Pictures. King Nagarjuna’s niece Supriya played the key roles. The plus points of Goodachari are- storyline, twists and turns, visuals, terrific interval band and the surprising villain. Recently Superstar Mahesh Babu also tried to impress with Spy Thriller drama Spyder but he did not become successful to win the hearts of audiences. Goodachari has right mix of action, suspense, and emotion.

ETV Prabhakar’s Brand Babu is a hilarious entertainer featuring Murali Sharma, Sumanth Sailendrea and Eesha Rebba. The performances are all the characters are the major assets of the film. They makers of Brand Babu, try to show that goods are branded, but people and their love are not branded.

 Chi La Sow starring Sushanth and Ruhani Sharma, is a movie that subtly underlines the point that it is not here to cater to audiences who want noise, action, over action. It is one of those Linklater-style movies that engage the sensitivity of a thinking audience and rewards them.  In Chi La Sow, there is no place for ‘love at first sight’. In fact, the drama between the lead characters begins with a ‘no’. Chi La Sow is a wonderful character study about two people who have nothing much in common.