Hug Harassment to Singer in Public

Hug Harassment to Singer in Public

Saudi Arabia Woman has been arrested for hugging Singer Majid al-Mohandis, who was performing live at a festival in the Western City of Taif on Friday. If convicted, the woman could face up to two years in jail and a fine of 100,000 Saudi riyals, according to the Saudi newspaper.  It is also heard that a public prosecutor will now consider hug harassment charges against the woman.

According to the media report, a woman in Saudi Arabia was arrested after she ran on stage to hug a male singer Majid al-Mohandis  during a concert. Singer Majid al-Mohandis was performing at a festival in the western city of Taif when the woman darted on to the stage. In Saudi Arabia, the women  are not allowed to mix in public with men who are unrelated to them. The  Mecca police official spokesman said, “ The police has arrested the woman and referred her to the public prosecution to face the charges under the law criminalising harassment.”

A video in which Saudi Arabia Woman is seen hugging  Singer Majid al-Mohandis went viral on Internet. The woman was seen wearing a black head-to-toe veil rushing to the stage where singer was performing. Several other women attempting to reach Majid al-Mohandis are subsequently blocked by security. The concert was part of famous Saudi festival known as Okaz Souq.

The female author Hanan Al-Qood tweeted, “What this girl did … must be held accountable for it to be an example to others.”

 Majid al-Mohandis, whose website calls him “the prince of Arab singing”, has not yet commented on the incident. The singer who also has Saudi citizenship, continued to perform after the incident.

His success in Arab world has earned him the titles of “the Engineer of the Arabic song” and “voice of Diamond”. Majid al-Mohandis’s popular albums are Ouzkourin, Waheshni Moot Sarharni Halaha and Tes’alni.