I am ready to get jailed: Priyanka Gandhi

I am ready to get jailed: Priyanka Gandhi
I am ready to get jailed: Priyanka Gandhi

A few days ago, there was a painful incident came to light in Sonbhadra district in Uttar Pradesh where 10 people were shot and killed. As grief and supportive visit, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra moved to meet the victim families. But, she was halted to go. She was asked to furnish a personal bond for which she didn’t agree. Gandhi squatted on the road with her supporters asking to allow her to meet the victims. Later she was transported to Chunar guest house in UP.

Ajay Kumar Lallu who is the Congress Legislature Party leader for Uttar Pradesh had said, “We have clearly said, either let us meet the victims or send us to jail.”

Priyanka Gandhi has gone on to post her views on her social media as let it happen whatever the way but she would not change her decision in meeting the affected villagers.

Gandhi posted her views in Hindi as “I have been arrested by the Uttar Pradesh administration for the last nine hours and kept in Chunar fort. The administration says I have to furnish bail of Rs 50,000, else I will be sentenced to jail for 14 days, but they will not let me go to Sonbhadra as these are ‘orders from above.”

Priyanka says that she has not committed any crime and have not gone against any law then she has to pay a fine or get arrested from moving ahead.

Upon this Mirzapur District Magistrate Anurag Patel, “Action has been taken against 151 CrPC and Priyanka Gandhi and other members of the Congress have been stopped from proceeding to Sonbhadra, where prohibitory orders have been promulgated”

Anurag added saying, “She will not be allowed to proceed for the apprehension of breach of peace. If she decides to stay back here we will extend security to her”

On the act of police, the resigned Congress president Rahul Gandhi said that it is an illegal arrest. Many Congress leaders and followers had come out in support of Gandhi and held the protests. It is heard that Trinamool Congress is going to send a four-member delegation headed by Rajya Sabha MP Derek O’Brien to Sonbhadra on Saturday. Apart from this, in the support of Priyanka Gandhi’s detention, Congress has given a call to all its workers to perform dharnas.