I can shut the mouth of Nani in just 2 minutes

I can shut the mouth of Nani in just 2 minutesBabu Gogineni,  Indian Humanist, rationalist, and human rights activist,  has taken part in the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, which is being hosted by Natural Star Nani. It is known news that Babu Gogineni has been eliminated last week. After coming out of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house, Babu Gogineni attended an interview and talked about  other contestants and host Nani. He said, “The Singer Geetha Madhuri has good knowledge in compare of other contestants. She conducted very well as Sancharakuralu by standing for the justice and correct judgment.” Babu Gogineni speaking about hero Nani’s analysis on him and his version of supporting Rajamouli going to a temple being a rationalist, has stated that he could close debate with Natural Star Nani in just couple of minutes if it was not a show. According to Babu Gogineni, he can shut the mouth of host Nani in just 2 minutes if he was not in Bigg Boss 2 Telugu show.

Several months ago during a TV debate, Babu Gogineni made sensational comments on Rajamouli. He said that Babaubali film maker  Rajamouli claimed himself to be an atheist several times but the film maker was seen visiting Temple and walking beside a priest later. Babu Gogineni said, he has no objection if Rajamouli visits temple but on one side Rajamouli is claiming that he is an atheist but on the other side he is visiting temples which is questionable.

During the weekend episode, Bigg Boss 2 host Nani questioned Babu Gogineni comments on Rajamouli and said, though SS Rajamouli is an atheist, but he might have visited temple on the request of his family members. It is known news that Nani and Rajamouli have worked together for Eega.

In his interview Babu Gogineni also talked about re-entry of contestants in Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house. He said that re-entry in Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house was not acceptable. According to Babu Gogineni,  the contestants who make a re-entry in the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu house will be having an advantage of knowing the contestants from outside.