I haven’t approached Nani says Awe director

I haven't approached Nani says Awe director
I haven’t approached Nani says Awe director

Prasanth Varma made his debut in Tollywood with Awe which is praised as a different movie. Be it the movie’s concept or direction or screenplay, the film has a total unconventional approach. Many liked the film while many disliked it too. There has been extreme reception for the movie, be it positive or negative. Few days back when popular digital streaming app, Netflix commented on the movie, everyone started asking Prasanth when will the sequel be coming?

After many requests Prasanth Varma has finally responded on the sequel. Prasanth Varma then revealed that script of the sequel has been completed long time back but there are no producers to fund the project. He has tried many producers but haven’t found the crazy producer to match the craziness of the project.

With this message netizens started questioning Nani, who is producer of Awe that why he isn’t producing the sequel. Many started passing comments on the star. However director Prasanth Varma comes to the rescue of Nani by saying that he hasn’t approached Natural Star yet as Wall Poster cinema is dedicated to encourage new talents.

We have to wait and see whether any producer will come forward to produce the original or not.