“I would like to date Pawan,” says RGV heroine

"I would like to date Pawan," says RGV heroine
“I would like to date Pawan,” says RGV heroine

Sri Rapaka turned many heads with her debut film Nagnam which was made by Ram Gopal Varma. Though the content and taking are criticized, Sri Rapaka impressed the audience with her glamour show.

She has gone over the top with her glamour show in the movie. However, with the glamour show, she has gained the audience’s attention which she targeted.

Sri Rapaka is now giving numerous interviews to media, In one of those interviews, she revealed that she has a huge crush on Pawan Kalyan and even would like to date him, if he allows. I am forever in awe with Pawan Kalyan.

I would like to act in his movies, I have no conditions about the role or anything, I just want to act in his movie. In the past, I tried to meet him, but it didn’t happen. I will not ask anyone to meet him. If the destiny decides so, I will definitely meet him, revealed the actress.