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Is bigboss sleeping ??

Is bigboss sleeping ??
Is bigboss sleeping ??

The Ticket to Finale task is underway at Bigg Boss House. As part of this, the housemates who completed the first level went to the second level. This is where Bigg Boss swaps Shanmuk and Sunny. He thought the two of them were playing the game as a favor to those next to him but changed places.With this, Siri tried to catch the Sunnyballs. Sunny dropped the basket. With this, the quarrel started again for both of them. Sunny whispered that he wanted to prove himself to be bad by targeting me again in the game.

Siri could not even hear his housemates on the other side telling him to dig his legs out of the ice. Sriram and Shanmuk both kept their feet in the ice for a long time. Bigg Boss was called to the medical room and examined. He also said that it would be dangerous for Priyanka to carry hot water.

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However, after playing the game for a long time, Priyanka brought hot water and sprinkled it on Sriram who was suffering from inability to sleep at night. Not only that, Pain Bam also wrote. With this, Sriram could not step on the steps.

Immediately in the Morning Medical Room Sriram examined both legs and put bandages on them. Gave drugs. Priyanka came to Shriram and apologized for what she had done. Both Kajal and Manas were impatient to be told by Bigg Boss how to do that.

However, here Bigg Boss should have announced once again while watching Priyanka applying balm and spraying of hot water. Big Boss did not do that. With this, netizens are all questioning whether Bigg Boss has closed his eyes.

Priyanka was not even given the slightest warning if she did so. Fans are commenting on whether the Bigg Boss team is asleep. Especially Sriram Chandra fans are not swayed at all. When it comes to the Race to the Final Task, everyone is on a fire for doing something like this.

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