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Is February ok to chiru ??!

Is February ok to chiru ??!
Is February ok to chiru ??!

Recently there was a teaser video from ‘Acharya‘ titled Siddhas Saga. You will also be watching. The film crew cut the teaser to better explain Charan’s character, look and concept of the film. There have been two types of discussion going on on social media since this teaser came out.

One tiger, tiger cub shot. The second is the movie release date. The film crew has already announced that ‘Acharya’ will be released on February 4. But the debate that was small then is now big.

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Tollywood‌s unofficially or officially saying that big hero movies should come during the festive seasons. That is why movies are brought on Sankranti, Summer and Dussehra days. By that calculation ‘Acharya’ was not coming at that time. The film is set to release in February, known as the ‘Unseason’ in Tollywood.

It is said that the collection will not be high during this time as it is exam time and preparation time. With this, there is a debate going on if the movie will be released in February.

The industry that believes and says unseasonal words is saying another thing. Anyone with the same content has nothing to do with the cutout. That a movie with content does not work with a date.

There is also another kind of debate going on about ‘Acharya’ as to whether the content is strong in that calculated film so whether it can be expected to come in another season. It is difficult to say which of these debates will win. When the movie is released, the truth will be known. It is true that all the fighting is in the hands of Shiva.

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