Is she Poonam Kaur? What happened to this hot actress?

Recently actress Poonam Kaur, who is an ardent fan of Power Star Pawan Kalyan, defended  her favourite star Pawan by tweeting against the critic Mahesh Kathi. She went on to call the critic a ‘fatso’. Later Mahesh Kathi created a sensation by raising six questions against Poonam Kaur and her alleged relationship with Pawan Kalyan.

 Poonam Kaur has been  the part of few  Telugu movies such as Nayaki , Attack, Gaganam  etc. Now once again the former Andhra Pradesh beauty is in  news headlines but this time because of her photoshoot where her sexy waist curve  is grabbing the attention  while a  kid hugging her in the same pose is alarming.    In the other pic, she has bruised on her forehead. Everyone is curious to know what happened to this hottie? According to the latest update, Poonam Kaur is currently busy in her short film based on domestic abuse. These pics are the part of it.