ISIS most wanted leaders captured, says Trump

ISIS most wanted leaders captured, says Trump
ISIS most wanted leaders captured, says Trump

 ISIS  five “most wanted” commanders have been captured, President Donald Trump has said.

President Donald trump wrote on the wall of Twitter, “Five Most Wanted leaders of ISIS just captured!” But the tweet of Donald Trump did not specify that when and where the five most wanted leaders of ISIS were captured.

The five alleged commanders are said to include Saddam al-Jammel, a Syrian involved in controlling territory around Deir Ezzor, and Ismail al-Eithawi, who is believed to be a top aide to Baghdadi. The list did not include ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve Army Col. Ryan Dillon tweeted on Thursday that Iraq captured five key ISIS leaders as part of Operation Roundup.

Dillon’s tweet said the capture was a coordinated operation between Iraqi and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. He tweeted, “#Iraq captures 5 key Daesh leaders during #OperationRoundup. The arrest is a significant blow to Daesh & demonstrates close coordination between #ISF & #SDF in their fight to #defeatDaesh. @CJTFOIR is committed to lasting defeat of Daesh & setting conditions for stabilization.”

The statement  which was released by the Pentagon on Thursday congratulated Iraqi security forces on the capture “of ISIS leaders on the Iraq-Syria border.”

Iraqi state television, al-Iraqiya TV, released a report on Wednesday on the capture of ISIS leaders and Al-Iraqiya also showed a video of the captured individuals wearing yellow jumpsuits.