Jagan govt receives a tight slap from High Court

YS Jagan
YS Jagan

It’s known fact that Jagan’s YCP government has halted the on-going capital works at Amaravati and it has also started the reverse tendering process for the same and Polavaram.

Now, the churning update is that Navayuga construction company who is holding the Amaravathi projects of capital and Polavaram has reached the steps of High Court and where it has got a big relief at it.

The High Court has suspended the termination notices issued to Navayuga company on Polavaram Hydel project. The court further found fault in YSRCP government for reverse tendering and asked the government to hold until the next orders. YSRCP has claimed that there is a big scam/corruption going on from current construction of projects.

Whereas, on the High Court’s ruling, TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu expressed his feelings by saying that YCP has received a tight slap on its decision. He said, “I have been saying the same thing. Experiments on Polavaram will lead to delay of the project and reverse tendering will double the budget of the construction. This is madness by YSRCP government”.