Jagan Vs Chandra Babu: Kapu reservations

Jagan and Chandra Babu
Jagan and Chandra Babu

On the reservation front, Andhra Pradesh Assembly had a heated debate. Former CM and current opposition leader Chandra Babu Naidu has thrown some direct questions to Jagan whether they are going to implement any reservations for Kapus or not. This as inception, there was a long heated discussion in the assembly.

CBN said, “Our TDP government intention was not to create hurdles for Backward Classes (BCs). So we appointed a committee and based on their report we have asked central government consent for reservation for Kapus. They kept this report in pending and later the Centre brought 10 percent reservation for economically weaker sections in the general category. In that 10 percent, our TDP government had decided to allot 5 percent for Kapus. I would like to know whether this government will implement the reservation to Kapus.”

On reply to the Naidu comments, Jagan replied in terms of reservation, the center brought is general whereas, Kapus are demanding BC reservation. Jagan says,  “The opposition leader is completely clueless in which category Kapus belong to. This is a pathetic state and Chandrababu had deceived Kapus in the last five years and hence they did not vote for him in this election,”

Upon this, CBN recalled the ruling of 2004-2009 Congress party headed by Jagan’s father YSR in which the election manifesto promised for Kapu reservation. Assembly has reverberated with the slogans of both the parties against each other.