Jagityala Suicides: Kartikeya says, We are artists not terrorists

Jagityala Suicides: Kartikeya says, We are artists not terrorists

Kartikeya Gummakonda, the young actor who played the lead role in bold romantic dram RX 100 in the direction of Ajay Bhupathi,  shared a video on Twitter to deny the negative influence of his movie RX 100 on the two teenage boys, who committed suicide  in Jagityal.  On 2nd October, Kartikeya wrote on his Twitter, “We are artists not terrorists. Lets make sure these situations will not be repeated again keeping an eye on younger generation not to have negative influence of anything.”

Few days ago,  two teenage boys named Mahender and Ravi Teja from Jagityal in Telangana ended their lives. They committed suicide by pouring petrol on their bodies and torching themselves. Both the young guys Mahender and Ravi Teja were in love with the same girl. When they  realised that their love cannot be successful, they purchased the petrol from a bunk and went to town outskirts. Both reportedly consumed beer, before setting themselves ablaze using petrol. It was speculated that  Mahender and Ravi Teja were influenced by RX 100 starring Kartikeya and Payal Rajput and they took  the extreme step.

 After hearing this news Kartikeya was very upset and he took to Twitter to clear the air surrounding the movie. He said, “Don’t target RX 100 for this sensitive issue. We are artist not terrorist.”

 Kartikeya’s post is receiving positive response by the netizens. One of the netizen  said, “Yeah Bro ur right. Now a days it’s becoming a fashion that every small things were forcely connecting with actors or movies. But any way we have to stop them.all the very best for ur next projects.”

On the other-side, the direction of RX 100 also opened up about this issue and said, “ Kartikeya starrer RX 100 was an A rated movie and the boys who committed suicide were under 18 so they should not watch the movie RX 100.