Jai Simha director KS Ravikumar: She was a Prostitute

Jai Simha director KS Ravikumar: She was a ProstituteIf there’s a director whose scripts are tailormade to suit the stars, it’s KS Ravikumar. Behind some of the biggest blockbusters including Narasimha, Muthu, Bhamane Sathya Bhamane, Sneham Kosam, Yagnam, Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham,  Dasavatharam, his ability to weave an actor’s persona into the script has ensured him a strong footing in the film industry across Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages.

But  the creative and talented director failed to score a hit with Nithiin, Tanish and even Nandamuri Balakrishna.  Recently  Jai Simha director KS Ravikumar attended an interview. He started off the interview, by lighting up a cigarette and asked the interviewer to continue while he smokes.   He also revealed  his love story. He said, “I was in the relationship with a popular TV host  but she left me for another guy and married happily.” He further added, “She was a prostitute and  I realized it  only after falling in love with her. She used me only for money and I can tell her name, if you can play it. ” Now, everyone is to know the name of the TV host.

 KS RaviKumar also welcomed  Jana Sena President and actor Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s decision to enter into politics. According to him, Balayya is the only actor who can compete with Superstar Rajnikanth in charm on-screen.