Actress like me asked to be s*x worker

Jayalakshmi says: actress like me asked to be s*x worker

Jayalakshmi, a TV serial and cinema actress, said, ” Actresses like me are being forced and asked to be s*x worker.”

Jayalakshmi was recently spotted submitting a complaint at the Commissioner’s office, after receiving messages regarding casting couch from unknown strangers.  She said, “I received a message one day, from an anonymous person claiming that they are running a ‘relationship link’ site, and they asked me to register myself as they have clients only with high-profile people and it is safe. The message said I can earn between Rs 50,000 to  to 3 Lakhs, in one day. I was shocked after reading this message. It was totally unexpected. I was shocked to know that a big network is operating behind. I ignored the message and blocked the number.”

 Jayalakshmi further said, “After two days, once again I received similar messages of ‘Dating and Relationship Services’ from another number. At the same time, one of my friends also shared a screenshot, when she received a same kind of message from Dating services .” Jayalakshmi added, “More than 56 leading actresses have faced this. Actresses like me are being forced and asked to be s*x worker.  So I decided to stop it and lodged a police complaint with City Police last week.”

Jayalakshmi added, the punishment should be severe for these S*x brokers because several innocent ladies and families are being affected.

 According to the latest report, two men were arrested on Friday. The Anti-Vice Squad traced and arrested Muruga Perumal and Kaviarasan, who were involved in fixing up flesh trade deals. The accused have been remanded in judicial custody. A police officer said, “They would get personal numbers of actresses and try to persuade them into prostitution for their high profile clients. They mainly target the actresses who are playing supporting roles in movies.”

Jayalakshmi, has been the part of more than 30 films and several TV serials.