Jeevitha Rajasekhar fires on Social Activist Sandhya and Sri Reddy

 Jeevitha Rajasekhar fires on Social Activist Sandhya and Sri ReddyRecently  social activist Sandhya revealed  that Jeevitha Rajasekhar used to send young college girls to fulfill the sexual pleasures of her husband Dr.Rajasekhar. Jeevitha on Tuesday convened a press conference to respond on the shocking allegations.  She  released an open public note condemning the allegations made by POW Sandhya.

Jeevitha said, “Sandhya have a cheap impression on Film Celebs. I had fought with her during few debates on that matter. What does Sandhya know about Jeevitha Rajasekhar? Does she thinks we are mad? I had filed a criminal case against her. “

Jeevitha asked Sandhya to prove her allegation against her and added that she will not keep quiet until she gets an explanation on it. Jeevitha  has also held responsible for ‘Mahaa’ News Murthy in this regard for conducting a debate on it. She said, “I am filing a defamation suit against Sandhya and Mahaa News Channel. Sandhya need to realize we won’t sit silently if she behaves in such a manner. I don’t want to reveal your history. ” She asked them to be prepared to face the criminal and legal action that she is going to take against them.

 Jeevitha also responded on Sri Reddy’s issue and said, “Sri Reddy is not a small baby to get cheated by someone for years.” She added, It is not clear what is the real demand of Sri Reddy. “

Meanwhile, East Godavari Janasena Activists fired on the actress, filed a complaint against the actress in Police station. In the complaint, they  asked the police to take action against Sri Reddy for abusing Pawan Kalyan and his mother.