Kaushal Manda using personal relationships for cheap publicity?

Kaushal Manda using personal relationships for cheap publicity?

Kaushal Manda, the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu winner, has recently shared that his wife Neelima was diagnosed with cancer. She underwent a critical surgery for her ailment at a private hospital in Hyderabad on 20th March. Kaushal Manda also wrote an emotional post on microbogging page, “Neelima considers everyone as family and supports me to do the same.It’s because of her I’ve prioritised my fans.Neelima is going through a huge surgery today at the Continental Hospitals. She’s going to fight between life and death..Keep her in our prayers.Tq all”

Few days ago, Kaushal Manda also shared a video  a live video siting beside the hospital bed on which his Wife Neelima was in an unconscious state. Kaushal informed that his wife  Neelima is recuperating well after the surgery and he thanked everyone for the best wishes. Now netizens are suggesting Kaushal Manda to not use personal relationships for cheap publicity and behave like a husband.

 Few comments by the netizens are as follows:

nsvrmurthy: kaushalmanda !!! Behave like a husband, don’t use personal relationships for your cheap publicity.

pro_tr_7: He don’t leave any situation without utilizing it…. even here also playing sympothy game… if she not feeling well..then its really no need show in public unless trying to get something out of it..

kishorebusam.143: 1month mundu media mundu over action chesina Neelima garu ipudu hospital lo vunaru feeling better ani ela namutumu KUSHAL garu..in few minutes she open her INSTRAGAM account.. why you play drama kushal garu..

Kaushal Manda  first announced about his wife Neelima’s ailment at a press meet on 28th February amidst allegations of not utilizing the prize money (Bigg Boss 2) towards the cancer patients as promised by him earlier.


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She is feeling better now..Thank you all for your prayers..Love u

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