Kodandaram joined MahaKootami

Kodandaram joined MahaKootamiKodandaram, the Telangana Jana Samithi founder-President hints on Wednesday that he is going to join MahaKootami of Congress-T-TDP-CPI to end KCR-family rule in Telangana.

Kodandaram paid tributes to Telangana Martyrs at the memorial opposite the State Assembly and took up a day’s deeksha at the party (Telangana Jana Samithi) office in honour  of the martyrs during which time Telanagana-TDP and CPI leaders called on him and extended their solidarity to the deeksha. They also invited Kodandaram to join the MahaKootami.

Kodandaram said, “Telangana Chief Minister KCR did not go to meet the family members of Telangana martyrs during the last 4 years. Neither CM KCR gave jobs nor did he help the family members of those who gave their lives for the cause of statehood.

Kodandaram visited police station and expressed his solidarity with Ramana and other TDP leaders who were arrested while staging dharna called by Congress against fuel prices in the country.

The opposition parties in Telangana are planning to form a grand alliance to fight the poll battle against KCR. For the first time in the TDP’s history of 36 years, the party is reportedly coming forward to join hands with the Congress to form alliance. This has surprised everyone. The TDP, the Congress, Kodandaram’s Telangana Jana Samithi and the Communists are coming forward to form an alliance in the elections.

T TDP President L Ramana fired at Telangana Chief Minister KCR and said that the MahaKootami is only to bring down KCR government and clarified that there have been ties among TDP, Congress and CPI already. Ramana also criticized and added that KCR did not even go when so many people died at the Kondagattu bus tragedy!!

 Recently Uttam Kumar Reddy said, “The Chief Minister KCR dissolved the Assembly without consulting any political party. The three parties TDP, Cong and CPI, have a strong cadre base in the villages and will defeat the  ruling Telangana Rashtra Samith (TRS) which has done nothing for the people of Telangana.” He added, adding that the TRS rule was the most unfortunate thing to happen. Uttam Kumar Reddy also declared that MahaKootami will work with NGOs, unemployed and employees’ organisations and will invite these sections to participate in the next meeting.