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Lakshmi Manchu is injurious to people of Telangana and Andhra

Lakshmi Manchu is injurious to people of Telangana and AndhraLakshmi Manchu is busy in the promotional activities of Kurkure on social media sites- Twitter and Instagram. Recently the actress wrote on her Twitter, “Since 2 AM cravings and rumours, both die hard. Fortunately, the rumours about @kurkuresnacks not being safe for consumption have been proven absolutely wrong  Kurkure is and has always been safe to eat #ShareKurkureNotRumours #Kurkure.” Now she is being trolled on Twitter by the netizens. One of the netizen said, Lakshmi Manchu is injurious to people of Telangana and Andhra with her half minded tweets.


 Everyone is shocked why is Lakshmi Manchu is promoting a product which is not good for health. Few tweets are as follows:

Minnu Minesh Bandari ?? ?? ?? ??‏ @minnu_minesh: but lakshmi manchu is injurious to people of telangana and andhra with half minded tweets .

Srikanth‏ @Srikant02465023 :If it may be safe but for kids are eating Kurkure with out knowing anything that’s very harm for them so plz avoid advertising that plz….sister

sow_bujji‏ @sow_bujji: Are you kidding me? Ambassador avutay nuvvu konukoni tinu , why to educate people about junk food , indian home made snacks are best …

AlexDux‏ @Prajaprana : Sorry..It’s not good food to eat…

Arjun Kumar‏ @Vads_Akshay :‘Has always been safe’?? Really?? If it was safe, Why was it banned in the first place?? If #Kurkure believed that it was safe y they did not appeal and succeed instead of bringing with modified version??

Uday‏ @udinavahi: Suggest you to eat kurkure for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 10 days. Please compare your health parameters and then confirm if kurkure is safe or not. Reality check challenge..

Amzad Basha‏ @amzadbasha: @LakshmiManchu how do you know.. did you test it.. will you offer to your kids.. why do you want to promote a wrong product. It’s hurting you promoting wrong stuff..

Cinema-politics‏ @Cinema_Samba: How can you say its safe madam?? There are govt departments to test them in labs and prove them.. your tweets are not proofs..

praveen kumar‏ @billapraveenk: Can u please explain in what way it is good for health.


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