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Lakshmi’s NTR Movie Live updates

Lakshmi’s NTR Movie Live updatesRam Gopal Varma aka RGV’ Telugu movie Lakshmi’s NTR has been released in the theaters in all the areas and is receiving mixed review and rating from the audience. Yagna Shetty is playing the role of Lakshmi Parvathi whereas P Vijay Kumar is playing late CM Of Andhra Pradesh Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR).


Lakshmi’s NTR Movie Review & live updates: We bring you some viewers’ verdict on the movie shared on Twitter.

Mega Fan: Cbn showcased as biggest cunning actor in the movie #LakshmisNTR

Srinivas‏ @ksrinivasrao123:  One lady left her husband and married another guy who was famous and rich. Another guy he left his wife did not know what his daughter was studying and making a film on family bonding and love story. How funny is that. What these people telling to our society. #LakshmisNTR

Deepak‏ @deepuzoomout : #LakshmisNTR is a tale of Wretched human motives & a story of the greatest Man that has ever walked this place. Powerful performances, incredible direction. The ending leaves u dazed and shocked!

Telugu Movie Zone‏:Done with it Special Show In Hyderabad has been Completed. The Film has a gripping screenplay and outstanding controversial scenes, one should have guts to make a film like this.. Hats off to @RGVzoomin There is a release in Telangana and Overseas tomorrow. #LakshmisNTR

venkyreviews‏ @venkyreviews : #LakshmisNTR Overall Disaster to Flop range! Even for people who hate CBN and TDP this movie is hard to watch. RGV Positives: -Few emotional scenes -Some dialogues on CBN Negatives: -Everything else -Lakshmi’s over innocence and niceness Rating: 1.5/5

#FalaknumaDas‏ @vrsiddareddy: #LakshmisNTR While Coppola reinvented the crime movie by focusing more on the family bonding, RGV does exactly the same with Lakshmi’s NTR. He flipped the script of a political drama in to a new age love story and a family drama. Hatsoff to his terrific vision.RGV is back.

Steve Stifler‏ @sambi_reddy_:Reports coming in from US early premier shows says that RGV has showcased @ncbn character as one of the biggest villain/cunning characters telugu cinema has ever seen #LakshmisNTR

Gochi Savitri‏ @gochi_savitri: Just finished watching #LakshmisNTR @RGVzoomin take a bow. You’ve made the old age’s love story into a new age love story. Appreciate your guts to make this film.

Chowkidar Kanthi‏ @kanthify: #LakshmisNTR = Lakshmi Parvati self dabba. RGV has no other sources of information, he blindly followed what Lakshmi told him. Don’t waste money on tickets.

Mega Fan‏ @ramsharan94: Interval ! Rgv sticks to the point. Scenes between ntr and lakshmi parvathy came out well. #LakshmisNTR

OverSeasRights.Com‏ @Overseasrights: #LakshmisNTR FirstHalf Report: Scenes between #NTR & #Lakshmiparvathi takes you into new age love story BGM will stand out among the best in recent times. #NBk Scenes Evokes fun moment #CBN Character used very well Base set for strong 2nd half.

Deepak‏ @deepuzoomout : #LakshmisNTR is not only about the Love between NTR & Lakshmi,it’s about how much RGV loves NTR. It’s the most intense drama the master has done since sarkar. @yajnashetty delivers performance of her [email protected] sir is the backbone of the film. BOSS is BACK


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