Lion Singer was asked for s*xual favours

It is known news that the Telugu actress Sri Reddy is fighting against the casting couch in Telugu film Industry. Last year in the month of April, she went topless outside the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce to protest against the casting couch in the entertainment industry. After this act, number of actresses, supporting artists have come forward to reveal their s*xual harassment story. Now this is the turn of singer Pravani to take about her s*xual harassment/ casting couch story.

Singer Pranavi Acharya, who came in to limelight for her songs in Sri Ramadasu, Happy Days, Yamadonga and Lion, is the latest celebrity to speak out about casting couch. Number of top actresses have already revealed that casting couch exists in the film industry. This time Lion fame singer Pranavi also talked about s*xual harassment in the film industry.

In an interview when Pranavi was asked about her thoughts on casting couch she replied that she was also asked for s*xual favours. She said that one time the makers demanded s*xual favours in order to give chances for her to sing in the films in the initial phase of her career but she strongly rejected the offer and said no.

Singer Pranavi is the wife of Raghu Master. She tied the knot with choreographer, Raghu Master on 22nd April, 2016 in a low key family and friend’s affair.